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Makonde woman wears a lip plug with nail and many facial tattoos.
Dinembo: Forbidden Tattoos of the Makonde of Mozambique | Lars Krutak
.."Once a year, during the dry season, boys are withdrawn from society before their rebirth as adults with the approach of the wet season. Initiation involves seclusion, circumcision, tattooing, the filing of teeth and the acquisition of knowledge that is otherwise secret. The return to society is marked by the performance of masquerade."3 The Makonde muti wa lipiko masks are also used to celebrate the entry of the youngsters back into the Makonde community as men and women...
Makonde Muti Wa Lipiko Helmet Mask, Tanzania http://www.imodara.com/post/101524325519/tanzania-makonde-muti-wa-lipito-head-of-the
"Magical" lizard tattoos (ligwañula¸singular) were sometimes worn on the chests…
Elaborate palm frond tattoos adorn the arms of this elderly Makonde woman.