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The TV dials.

Remember back in the day, you had 2 set of manual TV dials? Still remember my old B&W TV.

Tangled Video Tape!

17 Things From Your Life That Your Kids Would Never Recognize

Google Image Result for http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-5pdlpAb9Q5g/UC-_jLHVJ-I/AAAAAAAAAgE/2FdNrFA3Jnw/s200/Blue%2BFrito%2BBandito%2BEraser.jpg

Frito Bandito erasers "I yi yi, I am the Frito Bandito. I love Frito's Corn Chips, I love them I do. I love Frito's Corn Chips, I'll get them from you!

GUILTY! I proudly second that guilt. Then I was off on my Pepto bismol pink Huffy bike until dark or I heard "the whistle" from my Momma.

raised on sugar cereal and saturday morning cartoons - pinback button badge - refrigerator fridge magnet - nostalgia tv kid childhood

431970s Toys

23 Nostalgia Toys of the 1970s

431970s Toys

"Hot Aluminium Slides"

Burned are bottoms on these slides a million times on hot summer days growing up!

We had this exact suitcase - can look at this picture and remember the smell of it.

Vintage Small Green Train Case

A Train Case with matching suitcase.my mom still has the train case at least.I can still smell it.nothing was better than sneaking in and playing with that jewelry

Do you remember analog televisions with VHF and UHF channels growing up?

"Turning the dial" on the TV.we got THREE channels. Had to get up to turn it in and off, turn the volume up or down and change channels.

Ahhh!  Saturday morning cartoons!

"I'm just a bill. Hangin out at of capitol hill." School House Rock ♫ I'm just bill sitting here on Capital hill ♫

Idle Hands: Ladies and Gentlemen....Underoos Have Returned

Wonder Woman Underoos- I had the Wonder Woman Set and my sister Becky had Bat Girl

This is how they measured the fabric you were buying.

Vintage Measuregraph - fabric stores would use these to measure fabric.remember going with grandma to the fabric store

do you like butter?... LOL!I remember doing this!!

Do you like butter? Si ton menton devient jaune, c'est que tu aimes le beurre.

Vintage 1970's Tupperware Cake Carrier.

Vintage Tupperware Cake Saver Yellow & White Cake Taker Carrier, Still have mine