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16 Reasons Why You Must Visit Iceland Right Now. Amazing no. #12

Emmi (6) is Jukka's very young sister. Emmi was left in the care of Jukka when their parents were killed. Emmi doesn't know very much English. She is often seen with the two women in the Finnish pack. Jukka loves his sister very much.

14 Stunning Hairstyles for Women

My name is Casper Lee, I was born in 1967, but when I was ten years old, I was kidnapped, and I woke up in the year 2500. I haven't adapted to 2500, now it is 2550. I was 15. I am human. My favorite color is galaxy blue. My favorite animal is a rabbit, because it always reminds me of when I was a kid in 1967. I love to read, from books, even though everyone reads off of tablets.