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Mind-Boggling Shadow Art from Trash Sculptures by British artists, Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

Shadow Art Made From Trash That Will Blow Your Mind

By British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Mind-Boggling Shadow Art from Trash Sculptures - My Modern Met


Recycled: Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster - I do like work with a bit of lighting & shadows!


"Dirty White Trash (with Gulls)", shadow art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster - Artwerks

From architect and artist Red Hong Yi, observe these seven anamorphic Star Wars silhouettes, shadow art experiments created by shining a beam of light from a specific position onto different shapes arranged on wires.

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Rashad Alakbarov is an artist from Azerbajan who creates mind-blowing light and shadow ‘paintings’ from found objects and translucent materials. His light painting is made from light projected on a wall through suspended, colorful airplanes. Alakbarov’s artwork shows an amazing attention to detail and a very active imagination. @Cayla Priest Priest Priest Priest Snooke

Light and shadow art by Rashad Alakbarov

Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light. "Using strategically suspended translucent materials and other objects, artist Rashad Alakbarov paints using shadows and light"

sooo clever!! think!!

I chose this photo because I found it interesting how this person used ordinary books to create a message through shadows. The pile of books looks like nothing, but the shadow creates a new visual that is cool to look at.


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Funny pictures about Playing with shadows. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with shadows. Also, Playing with shadows photos.


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Shadow art.. by betsy

Shadow art - I wonder whether these are the actual shadows from the artwork.

Ливанский фотограф Лара Занкул (Lara Zankoul) говорит, что ее сюрреалистичные фотографии - это не попытка зафиксировать окружающую действительность, а желание материализовать свои безумные идеи

“Lara Zankoul Photography invites viewers to suspend disbelief with her photos of subaquatic home life, which she shot in a water tank outfitted like a…”