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This is exactly what happens during an existential crisis.....

Someone is having an existential crisis.<----- Dan would be so proud. x<<< this guy GAVE me an existential crisis

Very actuate.

Johnny Depp Slaughters the Cast of Harry Potter. But now Johnny Depp is IN Harry Potter.

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Oh my freakin gosh. xD I can't breathe. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Hahahah xD This is not what I needed right before bed.

18 Shocking Plot Twists You Weren’t Ready For - Bored!

Nice try, German… //// whoever posted this last. its 'Nice try Germany.' not 'nice try german.

The last one tho hahaha

I would bring you Ryan Gosling.but if he was busy, I'd still bring the cake, cat, and the balloons. (the friends i wish i had, but i got stuck at the first picture and never found those awesome people)

If only the guys I know were like this..

Haha hello kitty :P PROM IDEAS: the guys secretly decided on undercover superhero identities and wore the corresponding colors to match the shirts underneath and revealed them during this picture and it was perfect.

Kids These Days…

A 9 Years Old Girl On Master Chef, The Last Picture Is A Face Of Fear. This is why I want kids! This is my potential dream kid! I'm a bad person!