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Jirachi | Promo

XY—Promo It is said to have the ability to grant any wish for just one week every thousand years. Illustrator: Kagemaru Himeno Shipping Information Estima

M Ampharos-EX                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ampharos gives off so much light that it can be seen even from space. People in the old days used the light of this Pokémon to send signals back and forth with others far away.

What should I do? #PokemonGo #funny #pokemon

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Interesting Theory about Pokemon... Wait What ?!? .. Ash isn't Real !?! .. 'o.0' !!!

Interesting theory about Pokemon

I actually enjoy this conspiracy because what if ash is actually the little girls father and the mom is telling the journey of her husband who isn't in the picture but is keeping a good image of him for her daughter?

(7) pokemon memes | Tumblr: Don't know whether I should laugh or be terrified.

Misty didn't leave because her relationship with Ash became too complicated, she left because someone else was plotting against her.ash belongs to Pikachu ./Pokemon humor and logic/ pikachu



Some of the greatest things I loved about Pokemon. Those stories, man... those lessons. Friendship and courage.

Thank you Pokemon, you helped save our generation

Some of the greatest things I loved about Pokemon. Those stories, man. Friendship and courage. I literally cried when butterfree left 😢