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Valentine's Day Funnies - The Spring Mount 6 Pack

Some Very Nontraditional Valentine's Day Cards

I love you like a back alley hooker loves crack. Guess what card my baby is getting for Valentine's?

Things to do before I die.. really want to try number 7! Order a diet water, no ice, extra lemon. ;)

Healthy level of insanity. TOO FUNNY! I must try at least one of these ideas

awkward moment

I feel like this when I go to Target for one specific thing and they don't have it. I feel like every cashier is looking at me wondering if I am feeling ok or if I had some kind of head injury.

thoughts when im on my period

Funny pictures about What girls think during their period. Oh, and cool pics about What girls think during their period. Also, What girls think during their period.

I know this is rude, but try to tell me you've never had the urge to say this.

This quote was under wisdom and it may be about wisdom but when I read it I thought is was funny. Not laugh out loud funny but interesting in a pondering funny way.

ppl prb thot this abt me a lot! I always say I dont have  to get drunk to have fun! ;-)

Made me think of you A. The awkward moment when people think you're drunk when in fact you're just naturally a blast.

Cursing problem @Lisa Cave OH MY GOD.. HOLY SH!T I DID IT AGAIN.. JESUS CHRIST!

Cursing problem

wtf: My problem is I don't know how to not curse. Like, I'll mean to say, "that is cool," but it will come out as,"that is the nicest fucking piece of shit I have ever seen in my goddamn life! It's a problem.

I will sooooo do this!!! I just told Madigrace lastnight that she's never allowed to date because no boy will ever be good enough for her!!

Most is great. But I do not object to my daughter dating a guy with piercings or tattoos. My husband has both. I'm not a hypocrite, and what does it matter anyways? I would use this for dating my daughter. Just change some things.

Thats why I don't wear hoodies and do messy buns. :/

Some people look cute when they dress comfy, I just look like a homeless man. A damn good homeless man ;