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These are real results from using Refefine + Macro E (and the AMP MD roller). Darlene is experiencing less wrinkles and lines, better texture, firmness, smooth skin and smaller pore benefits with Rodan + Fields! Way to go!

"First pic is heavy foundation and lots of concealer on my face in the 2nd picture I am only using R+F mineral peptides! This is just 2 months using the REDEFINE regimen, Amp MD Roller and then 1 month using the REVERSE Regimen and Redefine Multi-function Eye Cream."

Don't let the words "auto ship" scare you! You can delay your shipments as much as you need to! Don't need your product for three months?! A.) We can delay that, and B.) That cost you just a couple of Starbucks per month!!

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I would choose the second option. How about you? Looking young doesn't have to involve injections or cost thousands of dollars. Choose something that is not temporary, chose something that will transform your skin and give you ongoing results. Contact me to save 20% AND get $20 cash back on this #1 anti-aging skincare regimen.

Q: Why on Earth would you sell all your rights to a billion dollar company? A: Because you've created another one that's going to blow it out of the water. Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields have SOLD their rights to PROACTIV® to focus on building their namesake brand, Rodan + Fields, into one of the world’s leading skincare brands! And unlike that company, we get to partner with them in this business venture.

Check out more info at Real results . . . Look at Stephanie's FANTASTIC results with Rodan + Fields skincare!! Here is what she had to say: "Ok here is my 3 month photo- in both photos- Regimens used were Redefine and Reverse- Amp roller nightly, Macro Exfoliator tool weekly!"

Sarah has been using our Redefine Regimen for almost 4 months now but recently decided to add in the Amp MD Roller to tackle her stubborn forehead wrinkles! These are her results AFTER ONLY 5 NIGHTS of using the Amp MD Roller!

This is the result after 6 months of using our Reverse Regime! If you have sun damage or brown spots and want to get rid of them message me. You will love Reverse! #takecareofyourskin #nomorefoundation #rodanandfields by shannonbarbour6