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Patricia Ann,  I vividly remember the way  you walked, that subtle way your hips moved in a tight pair of jeans, Tricia.  Devastatingly beautiful!  That memory got me through law school and past the bar exam!

"Her walk is like a shot of whiskey: neat and strong and full of purpose. And so many underestimate her punch.

sexy quotes 3 DIRTY mind, DIRTY thoughts (19 photos)

DIRTY mind, DIRTY thoughts (19 photos)

Dirty Talk over text to a guy or your girlfriend is important to keep a relationship Sexy and Dirty. Learn How to Talk Dirty with these tips and examples.

Words words words

Quote: I hope someday you'll find an old picture of me and you'll wonder if i still love strawberry milkshakes more than life itself or if i still request a pinky promise upon agreement and maybe you'll even wonder if i wonder about you.


I don't believe in Magic, the young boy said ~ the old man smiled, 'You will when you see her' ~❤️~ Atticus

Soooo true baby

people don't forget girls like you . they won't forget what your love felt like-- Can only hope ppl feel like that about me

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In all the wild world, there is no more desperate a creature, than a human being on the verge of losing love. I love this book so much

Whiskey, Words And A Shovel.

Whiskey, Words And A Shovel. My favorite book of poetry