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There's one small-screen, small-town football player that will always have our heart: Tim Riggins. Your favorite number your Friday Night Lights crush Riggins has the long hair, the pensive stare, and the sexy bad-boy-but-also-sweet thing going for

Friday Night Lights. Just started watching this show on Amazon and can't get enough.

Community Post: Are You More Lyla, Tyra, Or Julie From "Friday Night Lights"?

Are You More Lyla, Tyra, Or Julie From "Friday Night Lights" I got Lyla! :) You’re sweet and beautiful and you catch the attention of all guys. You also got to be in an adorable relationship with Tim Riggins. #foreverwinning

24 Reasons Matt Saracen Is Your Dream Boyfriend

25 TV Shows You Have To Watch From The Beginning

Ok we don't have to watch the show anymore. It's just a show but this is why u have problems. I'm not her. It's a freaking show u shouldn't get so worked up about it!!! I swear you compare me to every cheating girl

Which Friday Night Lights Guy Should You Date?

It's been more than three years since Friday Night Lights aired its final episode, but that doesn't mean we've stopped loving all the swoon-worthy characters on the show. Between handsome Coach Taylor, bad boy Tim Riggins, and nice guy Matt Saracen, the