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These are all the designs of Hugo Boss, a criminal company that should be boycotted forever. There are other companies that make nice clothing that are not criminal enterprises.

WWII German (Nazi) Army clothes Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Hitler are illustrated within.

Рисунки Дмитрия Згонника. – 85 фотографий

SS-Hauptscharführer in winter camouflage. The green bands on the upper sleeves were meant to help to differentiate friend from foe.

The German soldier from Stalingrad wearing a full winter equipmen

German infantry with a Russian PPSH. Common for some troops on either side to confiscate the other side's weapons.

WEHRMACHT - Grenadier della Panzer-grenadieren Division "Grossdeutschand"

WEHRMACHT - Grenadier della Panzer-grenadieren Division "Grossdeutschand"