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Wilderness Survival: Awesome website that contains a lot of very useful info and tips from edible wild plants to shelters, even different climates.

7 Shocking Facts About Bicycle Generators -Written by: NathanF Alternative Energy May 27, 2013

6 Trees Every Everyone Should Know In An Emergency and Why Homesteading - The Homestead Survival .Com

4 Easy Medicinal Plants You Can Grow (& Why to Grow Each) - Growing your own medicinal plants allows you to be more self-sufficient. It also potentially allows you to save money and reduce your dependence on shop brought pharmaceuticals. In a SHTF situation this may be your only source of any medicine.

Personal Hygiene -There are various survival topics that we seldom see the solutions for, yet they are things that we take for granted in tod...

Survival Gear That’s Just Crazy Enough to Work

The Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kit is a keg-sized drum full of durable life-saving gear. It's built to support eight adults for up to five years and it includes a water-filtration system, medicine and tool kits, a multi-fuel stove, a radio and a hand-crank generator with a photovoltaic battery pack and a strip-cell blanket. Not only that, but the skeleton of the barrel can be used to create a shelter. Survival Gear That's Just Crazy Enough to Work

In some of the most arid and infertile regions of Africa, Madagascar, and Australia the Baobab tree grows to enormous size.

What Really Happens When the Lights Go Out: Grid down Indefinitely - Preparing for shtf

How To Build an Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse - Natural Health

How to build an earth-sheltered greenhouse. Fairly detailed steps documenting their process.