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What Was Your Past Life's Fashion Style?

Costume reconstruction of a 12-14th century Russian headdress, with kolty. Real pearls and gemstones, oh my!

Ukraine - Naturally beautiful! This is one of my favourite photo captures of a Ukrainian child! She is wearing a sunflower and poppies in her hair - two national flower emblems of Ukraine along with the wheat upon her shoulder this says: Ukraine! Simply beautiful!

Ukrainian embroidery. Ukrainian folk. Ukrainian beauty. Ukrainian girl. Ukrainian culture. Українська красуня у вишиванці. Украинская красавица в вышиванке. Украина. Украинка. Вышиванка. Украинская вышивка.

Народный костюм мод. 11 - сарафан,народный костюм,русский народный ...

Sarafan, the Russian folk costume that was traditional dress for peasant women up until the 20th century. Middle and upper class women were quicker to discard the traditional costume - early in the 18th century - as a consequence of Peter the Great's efforts to modernize Russia.