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Covering numerous topics, from foreign politics to the Russian budget, the price of oil, sports doping allegations as well as the US election during his

Putin Slams Dem Party: You've Got No Class - Learn to 'Lose Gracefully'

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The UAE finance ministry said Tuesday it has reached an agreement in principle with the United States to cooperate with Washington in its fi...

Egyptian committee demands Amnesty's report on torture, secret prisons - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online

But Arpaio is a big deal? Piff....

But Arpaio is a big deal? Piff....

....and brainwashed from their earliest years into believing the "New World Order" (Socialism) is the way to live and nonsense such as man-made global change is real.....and they won't question it until something can break through that shell of sad....  :-(

The problem is not people being uneducated. The problem is that they are educated enough to believe what they've been taught, and not educated enough to question what they've been taught.

The Syrian war is ending – Assad has won

The Syrian war is ending – Assad has won

People Experiencing Homelessness (1) Poverty. I strongly recommend you keep some of your thoughts to yourself today. I think you need to start listening more. Have you ever been nearly homeless while starving? It's not the same as being a poor social worker. Maybe sit down with a cup of coffee, put on a documentary about mental illness/children/poverty. Then watch one about the downfall of the steel industry. Then, after that, give some thought to the level of control/power you have had over…

Poverty in America - An infographic that shows just how much people struggle with poverty nowadays. It turns out that those living below the poverty line are three times more likely to develop mental illness than those living above the poverty line.

A humorous comparison of the world some of us grew up in and the Nanny State we live in today.

Society sure has changed over the last 45 years. Here is the difference between High School in 1970 vs sad yet true

Brazilian Economic Rebound Continues as GDP Growth Exceeds Expectations

Comparative Politics Today: A World View, Global Edition

Comparative Politics Today: A World View, Global Edition


The US presidential election this year. 😒 (Piarates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swan and Captain Jack Sparrow)

And now is the time to pray more than ever...our country is going to need it....God help us...

Whether we agree with our government leaders or not, we should still pray for them to do the Lord's will. 1 Timothy The Message