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Basic Electronics Study Notes PDF | for STEM electrical and computer engineering program include Digital electronics, Diodes, Formulae Guide

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Looking for comprehensive and visually stunning study materials to excel in your STEM studies, specifically in Electrical and Computer Engineering? Your quest ends here with our remarkable collection of aesthetically designed and color-rich Study Notes. These notes comprehensively cover all the essential topics in Basic Electronics, ensuring your path to acing exams and achieving excellence.
Product: Digital Electronics Notes
Quality; High Quality (HD) Pages A4 size
Format: PDF (Printable)
Pages: Colored
Length: 503 Pages
Notes Exam Level: STEM, BTech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), GATE, UPSC
Topics Include
(Atomic structure, Energy of an electron, Energy level and diagram, Types of Bonds, Classification of solids, Types of semiconductors)
(P-N Junction Diodes, Equivalent circuit, Rectifier, Filters)
(BJT operation, BJT voltage and current, BJT amplification, Common base, Common emitter and common collector characterstics)
(BJT biasing, DC load line, BIAS point, BASE bias, Voltage divider BIAS)
(Ideal OP amplifier, Inverting & Non Inverting OP amplifier, Op amplifier applications, Voltage follower, Addition, Substraction, Integretion, Differentiation)
(Switching & Logic levels, Digital waveform, Number system, Boolean algebra theorem, DE Morgan’s theorem, Digital circuits, Half & Full adder)
➔ FLIP FLOPS (NAND & NOR Gate Latch, RS Flip Flops, Gated Flip flops, Clocked RS Flip flops)
➔ MICRO CONTROLLER (8051 Microcontroller, Architechture and an example of Microcontroller based steper motor control system)
(Elements, Modulation, Spectrum Power, DeModulation, Frequency and phase modulation, Amplitude and frequency modulation and comparision)
➔ TRANSDUCER (Passive electrical transducer, Resistive transducers, Resistance thermometers, Thermistor, LVDT, Active electrical, Piezoelectric & Photoelectric Transducers)
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