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I'm sick of these popping up

Ugh I hate these cause my crush is a ficional character so even if he loves me I cnt reach him! But I bet I'll get the worst week ugh typical.

Costimus Prime

Costimus Prime

Why is America dressed like Optimus Prime? Am I the only one who thought she looks like a Transformer? <---- Optimus prime IS a Transformer. And yes, she is dressed as a transformer

why women live longer than men ......pretty much

Do women really live longer than men? If you are one of these guys, probably so. yup , this isn't going to end well !


This is so cool! ok i admit its cool but not "so cool" bc its just colors<<this made me extremly happy but I dont know why. The colors just blended and it was so beautiful.

23 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Every Girl

23 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Every Girl

Playboy teamed up with boob-twerking expert Sara X Mills to tell the untold story that is boob twerking. Watch here.

[Insert sigh here] If only I could get away with that, with my mom...

I have a question? If the mom is the one who's point of view it is. then why does it say mommy at the top as if she was texting her mom, those who say that it could be her mom , why would she promise ice cream and say she was evil?