Once again anither sketchy creepypasta fan art. I hope it's not getting too annoying well the candy took FOREVER to draw URGH. I tryed to make it as accurate as possible but I'm not a m...

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creepypasta jeff the killer and eyeless jack - Google Search

someone take this god forsaken tablet from me before i do something horrible visiting the creepypasta fandom! sorry im going back to fnaf soon ewe Creepypastas (c) to the rightful owners

Well, Jeff went sophisticated now. I LIKED HIM BETTER WHEN HE WAS GOING AROUND SAYING 'GO TO SLEEP' AND STABBING THEM 5 BILLION TIMES! Hehe, I don't know what happened there, and NO I AM A FANGIRL!!!!!!!!!!! <---I'm pretty sure that's how fangirls act

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