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Darned Russians! Says CIA disinformation campaign ❗ hacked-1

israel-incoming-600-li The U.N.’s Attack on Israel

The Best Christmas Present of 2015 - Obama's Almost Gone!

I remain much more bothered by what Hillary has done than by what Trump has said.

‘Clueless’ viewers freak out when they think they spot ‘racism’ at World Series … boy, were they ever wrong

got-your-back-600-li Obama Stabs Israel in the Back

... And recently she announced she will be more "spontaneous" as well. LOL!!!

I am dumbfounded that people refuse to believe anything about Hillary. Yet they are so upset with Trump because he is not politically correct and has said mean things. Oh wah! Big babies, pull up your big boy and girl pants and doing your research!

Obama hillary iran stink