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Yellow Boxfish - copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams I saw one of these the last time I went snorkelling. Nature is truly the most amazing thing :)

Cubicus Boxfish (Ostracion cubicus)

Cubicus Boxfish (Ostracion cubicus)

Yellow Boxfish, Atlantic, Indian, & Pacific oceans  (494×640)

No idea why this thing is called the Yellow Boxfish! But these bright yellow, polka-dotted, boxy balloon-shaped fish are found in tropical and temperate marine waters of the Indo-West Pacific.---maybe because it's yellow and box like?

FishFace by A curious Maori wrasse peers at his reflection in the large 10 inch glass dome on my housing. These wrasse can reach 5 feet and weigh 400 pounds. They are a rare site on.

Juvenile Hawaiian Spotted Boxfish

Juvenile smooth trunk fish - my favorite little guys in the Caribbean!


Sea Nature at its Best! Polka Dots - Cocos (Keeling) Islands by Karen Willshaw

Cute little cow fish

thornback cowfish - Lactoria fornasini ©Dave Harasti - also known as short spined cowfish, They are found in coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

「Spotted Boxfish」の画像検索結果

Boxfish -- so appealing with his spots, big eyes, and chubby shape! He's not edible, though, so don't get any ideas about carving fish sticks out of him.

Yellow boxfish

Yellow boxfish

Saltwater fish, photo contest winner by Kristin D. (via DrsFosterSmith)...

Saltwater fish, photo contest winner by Kristin D. (via DrsFosterSmith

Pink and Yellow? Proof there is a god, and he likes Armani, and occasionally Versace.

Pour Le Plaisir Des Yeux

Pour Le Plaisir Des Yeux

#OneTigris' share#Blue Lobster  There is an extremely rare marine life-blue lobster in Brittany, only a blue lobster would born in an average of 1 million lobsters, is comparable to the living fossil of rare marine life.

The blue lobster is 1 in 2 million. Recently one was caught off the coast of Maine. The fellow's daughter named it Skylar :) and is donating the rare crustacean to the Maine Aquarium that already has 3 other blue lobsters. Pintwist on blue

The Coffinfish, is a species of sea toad of the family Chaunacidae.

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