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Radical Obsessions (Fresh!Sans x Reader) by HUMAN SUFFERING

The Freshest You Could Be (Fresh Sans x Reader) - The Musical Pt 2

Sans was never able to feel emotions. He captured Y/N and brought them to his void, known as the Fresh-void. Welp, Y/N, loo.

#wattpad #fanfiction This in my first story please don't hate me!Enjoy anyways~? :3 *Also symbols. y/n "Your name" e/c "Eye Color" h/c "Hair Color" f/c "Favorite Color" f/f "Favorite Food" P.O.V. "Point Of View"* So quick preview. :3  You wake up in Snowdin and you have no clue where or how you got there. A skeleton un...

Sans X Wolf Reader (OLD!!!) - Part 1: Meeting Sans

Read Part Meeting Sans from the story Sans X Wolf Reader (OLD!) by Oliver_meets_Sans (Lyn Artist) with reads. cute, reader, tragic-sort-of.

Show Me Love!! (Fresh Sans X Reader) by  Professional Procrastinator

Fresh Sans X Reader (LEMON) - Chapter 4

Read Chapter Fresh-void from the story Show Me Love! (Fresh Sans X Reader) by XX_Gets_Madder (🎧 Professional Procrastinator🎧) with reads.

Human! Underfell! Sans x Half-Wolf reader by DJWinterWolf

Death~Mafia-sans X Assassin-reader (On Hold) - Chapter Seven (part two)- Plan successful​

would you smooch a smoll tsundere skeleton ? yeah too much undertale i know ^^ Chibi Underfell Sans

underverse au sans x reader by Cuteink

AU's Highschool (Au Sans X Reader) - Singing and dancing lesson's

Read 3500 from the story underverse au sans x reader by cuteink (Cuteink) with 992 reads.

#wattpad #fanfiction I've decided to just make this an Undertale/Undertale AU x reader just to make this easier(?) for me. will be adding my AUs as well, since I have a few ideas in mind. I'm working on finding out who made the cover. until then:  cover belongs to...whoever made it and requests are open as of right now...

Undertale x reader ~requests open~ - swapfell!Sans x reader: chocolate milk

Sans x reader from the story Undertale x reader ~requests open~ by Chaos-Prince with reads.

I love it when I'm dancing(a dancetale sans X reader) by xXJade-chanXx

Taking Steps (Dancetale Sans X Reader) - Author Note

I love it when I'm dancing(a dancetale sans X reader) by xXJade-chanXx

You Are The Flame Of My Soul (Sans X Reader) [Discontinue] by ~Aly~

The Nightmares{Sans x Reader} - I did it!

Read I did it! from the story The Nightmares{Sans x Reader} by -Undertale_Fanatic- (Super Cool Skeletons) with reads.

▪️Opposites•Attract▪️ •Jock!Paperjam X Reader• by TabletTurtle

Goth x reader (jocks and nerds) - Chapter 6

▪️Opposites•Attract▪️ •Jock!Paperjam X Reader• by TabletTurtle

Unfresh x reader by nekogal

(Discontinued)The New Girl (Undertale Jock and Nerd Au x reader) - First day

Read ErRoR NoTe from the story Unfresh x reader by (nekogal) with 141 reads.