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"Twilight in Elephant Valley" by LaPurr

The Beauty of Fractals

twilight-in-elephant-valley-by-lapurr. On fractals. Honestly, I don't know whether this pin belongs on art, science, or theology. But since science always includes art and theology, I'll put it here.

Fractal Art by Silvia Cordedda

Collection of amazing fractal artworks by Silvia Cordedda.

Fractal's Colony

Ma true love is a fractal .i adore fractals.

Mathematical Imagery by Jos Leys.  Fractal Gallery:  Julia fractals

This sites features mathematical images and animations made by Jos Leys.

Gift for Imaginum by Kattvinge

The Beauty of Fractals

All my life I’ve been looking for art I could really appreciate – remember those ‘Art Appreciation’ classes? For twenty years I tried to express myself creatively by quilti…