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Our government is responsible for these Americans' deaths!  #lyingtoAmerica

Our government is responsible for these Americans' deaths!

Gun Owners not Terrorist to blame for San Bernardino Attack |TOTUS

When the U. has an attack by terriorists, Obama blames guns. It's time for Americans to protect ourselves!

The Greatest President Ever !

"Otherness" and random criminalization. have any white presidents ever been subjected to this?

This guy gives nightmares...

Al Sharpton Truth, Eric Holder,"Nation of Cowards Speech", Jesse Jackson Sr.

Virtual Anarchy : Photo

Tax returns reveal that Trump pays little if any taxes, and he says that he does this because he is "smart". You and I pay taxes, does that mean we're stupid?

Anjem Choudary should have been jailed a long time ago

Anjem Choudary Talks About Woolwich Islamic Extremist Murderer Michael Adebolajo - Anjem Choudary once again defends the actions of Islamic Terrorists and in particular Michael Adebolajo the Islamic terrorist who murdered Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

"I am not a Dictator"

Quotes I am not a dictator Hitler Castro Obama Political - Expose The Left!