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Small Group Objectives: Given the materials and instruction, students will be able to have an outcome of a cow Goals: To develop positive social skills, including cooperation and interdependence

How I save money on my DIY projects

Believe it or not, fall is almost here! And now that the kids are back to school, I finally have time for some “creative therapy”. My first project is this mason jar pumpkin - who doesn't love pumpkins? (and mason jars… is there anything they can’t do?

Farm Animal Classroom Unit: Easy and messy muddy pig craft

Muddy Pig Craft

To develop fine motor coordination. Given colored paper SWBAT make a pig. Given paint, SWBAT use their fingers to make the pig look muddy.

Paper Plate Cookie {Kid Craft}

Paper Plate Cookie {Kid Craft

Paper Plate Cookie {Kid Craft}-the perfect craft to do after story time with a cookie in it (The Duckling Gets a Cookie, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.) Have kids tear the paper to make this a fine motor activity.

schaap knutselen

Schaf - Spring into spring with these amazingly cute, fluffy lambs! This craft is perfect for a range of ages; even little ones can easily grasp the basic steps and simple materials. Create a whole flock, and decorate your home with these sweet creatures!