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Photograph taken in Barcelona fantasy workshop taught by Rebeca Saray Model: Rebecca Evers Styling: Sewing Alassie Real Makeup: Sewing Alassie Real - steampunk accessories: Juanma Zombie Study and help during the workshop: Studio Space

Wow steampunk hoooo...


A guide to Steampunk fashion: costume tutorials, Steampunk clothing guide, cosplay photo gallery, updated calendar of Steampunk events, and more.

I think this story is going to go far more Sci Fi than I originally imagined.  This pic has made me realize - yes someone does need to have a gun arm.

Steampunk outfits represent the period during the century which is also the victorian era. Unlike the classic victorian clothing, the l.


Steampunk its more than an aesthetic tendency, it's the longing for the past that never was. In Steampunk Girls we display pictures, and illustrations of Steampunk, Dieselpunk and other anachronistic 'punks, some cosplay too!




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Russian Style - Sam Webb by Cameron McNee for Fashionisto Embroidered jacket by Dolce & Gabbana; Overcoat by Canali

Chocolate Brown Tapestry Cloth  Steampunk Frock by dashandbag, $390.00

Chocolate Brown Tapestry Cloth Steampunk Frock Cutaway Swallowtail Wedding Jacket, Shirt, Vest, Cravat and Trousers