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Steampunk environment pack including over 180 assets, material instances and a demo scene.

Jim Musgrave, Award-Winning Author | Detective Pat O'Malley Series -

Just to try to let that Airship look a little bit more Steampunk than Renaissance Steampunk Ironclad Airship

Change bottom to a building with cloth walls, make top balloon larger. Uses wind to move and steer. Low flying, used to keep track of herds on the grasslands.

Steampunk Flying Ships Personal project) by Eddie Bennun on ArtStation.

관련 이미지

~ Lego Mocs ~ Steampunk ~ Pirates - motorized pirate airship: A LEGO® creation by Justin Fisher

Steampunk Tendencies | Car concept by Lac-Tic

spaceraptor: “steampunkspectacular: “ steampunktendencies: “Steampunk Airship ” truly, a steampunk airship ” That is a boss airship.

steampunkspectacular: steampunktendencies: Steampunk...

steampunktendencies: “Steampunk Airship ” truly, a steampunk airship

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Steampunk Treasure “STEAMPUNK = Mad Scientist Inventor [invention (steam x airship or metal man/baroque stylings) x (pseudo) Victorian setting] + progressive or reactionary politics x adventure plot.