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Companion Animal Psychology: Study Shows Just How Stressed Dogs Are at the Vet's

Study Shows Just How Stressed Dogs Are at the Vet's

Companion Animal Psychology: Finding Out if Dogs Like Cats - Or Not

Scientists Translate Dolphin Whistles | I Fucking Love Science

Scientists Translate Dolphin Whistles: Researchers may have developed a dolphin-to-English translator that works in real time, and by this summer, they may have a two-way communication system.

“Bait dogs” are docile victims to some pit bull  advocates,  “urban legend” to others What is a “bait dog”? First of all,  learn to distinguish a bona fide &#822…

Sentenced mainly for child porn possession GONZALES, Louisiana––Technically Wilson Longanecker Jr., formerly mayor of Sorrento, Louisiana, was not sentenced on January 2016 t…

Chinese gangs smuggled 40 year old frozen MEAT which ended up on family tables http://dailym.ai/1QQDwyf

Daily Mail Online on

Chinese gangs busted for importing frozen meat

criminal law | Just Delusional Comics

Roses can be red / Violets are purple, not blue / Poem now haiku (Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics 12 Feb.

Research shows that touching your dog is an important part of greeting.

According to measures of physiological responses the most effect way to greet your dog involves touch as well as voice.

NOVA | The Truth About Dogs

In this excerpt from his book, Stephen Budiansky explains why he feels dogs have got us exactly where they want us.

Better Kansas City  KCTV5 Dog Training Interview

Dog Training interview Leo and I did for on the new book, leash pulling and hand feeding!

How to Touch Your Dog: Different ways of touching a dog result in different emotional responses.

New research shows that how and where you touch a dog makes a large difference in terms of calming or disturbing him, especially if you are unfamiliar to the dog.

5 Tips for Handling Dogs and Cats in a Caring Manner | Animal Behavior and Medicine Blog | Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

5 Tips for Handling Dogs and Cats in a Caring Manner

Dementia researchers look to dogs for breakthroughs | The Saturday Paper

A deaf, once-homeless cocker spaniel has become an unlikely weapon in the fight against dementia.

God, made dog!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

So true of all dogs and especially of my very special gift of you my darling little BennyBug, sent when I needed you most, we got better and thrived together, miss you so very much, Mummy - 💓 🐕