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FREEWARE ~~ [Windows] Measure your Windows boot speed with BootRacer

Secrets to getting the cheapest airfare - Kim's Columns – Reviews and Advice on All Things Digital - The Kim Komando Radio Show

[Video] Bionic Boots Let People Run Up To 25 MPH Speed - Who would have thought that an ostrich would be the inspiration for the next generation of fitness gear? Meet Bionic Boots – robotic boots that let people run up to 25 mph speed. [Click on Image Or Source on Top to See Full News]

It boots amazingly fast – The boot speed of the OS is amazingly fast and it will help you to log in to your account in just 10 seconds. Now that’s pretty cool. Ain’t it? This OS is said to save some system information while it shuts down. Hence the next time it starts, those information are used by the system and it boots up pretty quickly.

Apple Releases OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan Beta 4 For Developers And Public Testers -

News: Nintendo Shares Video Footage of Wii U Speed Boot Menu - By Bryan King (via Nintendo Feed)

This makes you run and jump with super human speed and hight

PS4 Pro: Release date news and features of the new PlayStation 4 The PS4 Pro has to be one of the most complicated console's ever released. We first heard about the new hardware at the beginning of 2016 thanks to a substantial leak of its developer documentation but we had to wait until September 2016 before it saw an official announcements. That's not what makes the console complicated though. No what makes the console complicated is what exactly it's trying to be. At it's core it's a…

How To Make Windows 10 Faster | Faster Startup/Boot Speeds | Increase Pe...

OnePlus one, a compelling alternative, that outmaneuvered Google; faster processor with quicker boot speeds, more RAM, a more capable camera, longer battery life and pretty much the same set of connectivity. Add to that customisation options with the back panels and things are looking good.