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Botticelli: Natività mistica, cm. 75, National Gallery di Londra.   Particolare .

Botticelli: Natività mistica, cm. 75, National Gallery di Londra. Particolare .

SANDRO BOTTICELLI ( 1445 - 1510) | Madonna and Child with an Angel.

1445 – 1510 Sandro Botticelli, Madonna and Child with an Angel, Musée Fesch, Ajaccio

НЬЮ-ЙОРК. В ходе аукциона Christie’s предметов искусства периода Ренессанса, картина «Мадонна с младенцем и молодым Св. Иоанном Крестителем» (Madonna and Child with Young Saint John the Baptist, 1493-1495) Сандро Боттичелли (Sandro Botticelli, 1445-1510), была продана по рекордной для художника цене в 10,4 млн. долларов США.

Alessandro Filipepi, called Sandro Botticelli (Florence ‘The Rockefeller Madonna': Madonna and Child with Young Saint John the Baptist tempera, oil and gold on panel x in.

Annunciation Sandro Botticelli 1489-90

Annunciation Sandro Botticelli 1489-90

Мадонна с младенцем и юным Иоанном Крест. в розовом саду (1470-1475) (93 x 69). Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)

rubenista: “Botticelli, Virgin and Child with Young St John the Baptist, 1470 to 1475 ”

Adoration of the Magi (detail) by BOTTICELLI, Sandro #art

Adoration of the Magi (detail by Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro Filipepi)

In Cammino: Pane quotidiano «Rallégrati, piena di grazia»

The Cestello Annunciation, tempura on wood, Sandro Botticelli, circa 1489

Botticelli - Giovanna degli Albizzi receiving the homage of Venus (Louvre, Paris)  Note the overgarment is actually a sleeveless hooded garment which is also illustrated by the Botticelli school in a drawing that may be seen in the Uffizi in Florence.  Made this garment for someone else, must make one for me!

Boticelli - 'Young Woman Receives Gifts From Venus and the Three Graces',Sandro Botticelli !


"The Discovery of the Body of Holofernes" Sandro Botticelli, Tempera on panel.

Sandro Botticcelli. Minerva y el centauro

Sandro Botticelli Pallas and the Centaur Photo: Scala, Florence - courtesy of the Ministero Beni e Att.

Sandro Botticelli - Virgin and Child with an Angel - at Art Institute of Chicago, by Thomas Hawk

Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro Filipepi) Italian, Virgin and Child with an Angel, Tempera on panel 33 x 23 in.

Sandro Botticelli - Renaissance - Detail

BOTTICELLI Sandro - Italian (Florence Florence) - The Madonna of the Magnificat, detail of three boys

Sandro Botticelli e aiuti - Prove di Mosè, dettaglio - 1481-1482  - affresco  - Città del Vaticano, Cappella Sistina

Sandro Botticelli, The Trials and Calling of Moses (detail) Fresco, x 558 cm Cappella Sistina, Vatican The scenes should be read from right to left: Moses in a shining yellow garment, angrily strikes an Egyptian overseer and then flees to the Midianites.