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I could not care less anymore people that really know me know I'd do anything for people I care about i have really struggled to come to terms with not being able to see my problems were destroying my family that my actions may have looked like i was a narcissist to lie and destroy people's lives you have to be evil and I'm not but my actions soon will be i just want the truth to be seen for my daughters and christiane sake and it will be

I'm not going to tell you I miss you. I'm not going to make myself look weak. And I hope you're doing the same, and that's why you don't speak to me.

Essential Oils Instead of Thyroid Meds

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Positive thoughts can not only make you more successful but change your outlook on life. Not everyday will be perfect and no one expects you to always be happy, but just changing this will impact so much in life

My first love invited me to his wedding. I went, His mom hugged me and whispered in my ear everyone knows it should be you up there, sweetie. I had to step away because I couldnt control the tears.

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This particular part of my journey was uncomfortable & unexpected but time changes things. Distance and tears help wash away useless emotions so clear and fair decisions can be made. I'm doing well for all that's happened to me. It's been a rough couple of months. But each day I feel a little bit better and soon I will be standing strong and tall again facing my beloved sun. #wordgold @FOLLOWING APRIL

Do you struggle with feelings of disappointment shortcomings or future uncertainty? I will be honest with you.....I have been struggling in this area! So today God led me to the words in the image. As soon as I read them I knew that he was speaking to me. Reassuring me to trust Him. God always provides answers or encouragement to His children! I Are you struggling with feelings of disappointment shortcomings or future uncertainty? I will be honest with you that I have been struggling…

"Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe." ” There once was a moon, as beautiful as can be, only the stars could fathom, but the sun could not...