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Tour De France: Can you spot the cyclist in the Tour de France logo? We sure can, and truth be told, the yellow circle is supposed to represent the sun which notes that the stages of the cycling event only takes place during the daytime.

Le Tour De France Address: All throughout France. Le Tour De France is a huge bicycle race held in France, and it also passes through some nearby countries. It is very popular throughout the world.

Tour de France. So Euro in style, look forward to it every spring.  Please follow us @ http://www.pinterest.com/wocycling

Tour de France's logo features a bicycle rider. The R is the rider, and the O and the additional circle are the wheels. The font is fun and whimsical, and very French. The color scheme is simple and straight forward.

Vive le Tour - Tour de France Cycling Decal

This decal shouts how much you love the Tour De France.

this uses mostly embellishment to imply a ballet dancer as the b. it could be argued this is also using substitution, that the letter is replaced with the dancer.

This design is great because it spells the word ballet but with a dancer. The B is in the shape of a ballerina dancing.

This Baskin Robbins logo cleverly includes the number 31 inside of the letters B and R. This is one of my favorite logos.

A basic introduction to "The Tour de France" Infographic

A basic introduction to "The Tour de France" explaining the distances, format, the history and the colored jerseys.

Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers Diving into the world of sports, it's pretty easy to miss the meaning behind the Milwaukee Brewer's second logo. Obviously, the MLB logo represents a mitt but it's normally hard to picture the built-in-letters at first glance.

A clever play on words typography poster found on Pinterest

This logotype illustrates freedom literally by having the op half of the M fly off like a bird. The logotype uses the comparison of birds and freedom as a message. This logotype is effective in communicating meaning.

Bike Art Print, Tour de France, Classic French Cycling Jerseys Print $32

Bike Art Print, Tour de France, Classic French Cycling Jerseys Print We love all things cycling; particularly the Spring and Autumn Classics, the, the