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Jamais Deux Sans Trois Black now featured on Fab.


This woman makes really cool jewelry with fantastic cameos. She had several handmade cameos that were very imaginative.

Damara Bracelet Amethyst Ancient yogic texts promote balancing your chakras—points of subtle energy in the body—to achieve enlightenment and inner calm. Inspired by these Eastern traditions, Found Object’s delicate jewelry will help you attain outer elegance, at the very least. The amethyst in this brass-leaf bangle is said to promote calmness and clarity.

Damara Bracelet Amethyst now featured on Fab. Found Object Spirited Chakra Jewelry

Brin de Muguet Pink now featured on Fab.

Brin de Muguet Pink now featured on La Valise d'Alice

40s Coro Enamel Necklace  now featured on Fab.

Coro Enamel Necklace now featured on Fab.