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Which Strong Female Character Are You?

Carrie Fisher to Return as Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII. Carrie Fisher says she will play Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Frozen Told Through Facebook from Team Pwnicorn

Frozen Told Through Facebook

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this MADE MY DAY! When Oaken goes Yoohoo at the foot comment, I laughed so hard that I almost peed!

Too True!!! <3 this movie!!!

Flynn Rider: The only Disney character to ever question why everybody is randomly singing. So true

Proof That Aladdin And Titanic Are Basically The Same Movie - LOL

Funny pictures about Aladdin vs. Oh, and cool pics about Aladdin vs. Also, Aladdin vs.

Prom as a Disney princess

Fairy tale prom group… I can't believe that many high school boys were willing to go along with this. << what if it was their idea so that they could take their Princesses to the prom?

Wow ! They are gorgeous , I mean they are     .

The horses in Frozen are real…

I knew this! One of my favorite breeds of horse. Fjords are like teddy bear horses! I l was SO excited to see that they had them in the movie, since the movie was based out of Norway. A nice change of pace from the horses in most Disney movies.

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The age is just a little off but that is so true. "Adults Are Only Kids Grown Up.

Started singing along.  I need this in dvd.  Oh, and read the book Mary Poppins.  It's really amazing!

Men in groups…

"Though we adore men individually, We agree that as a group they're rather stupid" haha love Mary Poppins! So true!


Even Darth Vader reads Harry Potter because . Wallpaper and background photos of Darth Vader reading HP for fans of Harry Potter images.

notice how the first two are just Prince Charming, and then people decided that the men should actually have names...

disney princes through the years (prince Phillip and prince Eric were my men back in the day lol)

Carl from UP! 12 People who nailed Halloween without even trying! http://slide.ly/buzz/view/395e3da87e893f992d894cf5d040e651

Look, What We Have Found! - "Carl", The Old Man From The Movie "UP" Exists In Real Life too! Here's Carl! Complete with his cartoon counterpart!

No matter how old you are, an empty wrapping paper tube is still a light saber.  -- my boys have been doing this all weekend :)

Funny pictures about No matter how old you are. Oh, and cool pics about No matter how old you are. Also, No matter how old you are.

funny cartoon the only disney character wondering why everyone is singing

Only Disney Character to question why people are randomly singing (or was it Patrick Dempsey' character Robert Phillip in Enchanted?) Maybe Flynn Rider is the first fully animated Disney character to question it.