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Unfortunately, we have plenty of resources for both, but much of it goes into making more veterans and refugees

The SPAS-12 was designed in the late 1970s by the Italian company Luigi Franchi Spa as a special purpose, military and police close combat weapon (actually, SPAS stands for Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, or Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun, depending on the source). It featured a selective action for greater versatility, and can be used as a gas operated semi-automatic repeater or as a manually operated pump action repeater, depending on the mission and ammunition used.

Franchi SPAS-12

Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun This would be my weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse event because of its semiautomatic and pump action firing modes.

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Some common handgun cartridges lined up next to a 12 gauge shotshell.

Let the insane bitches  die then if that's how stupid they want to be...

Let the insane bitches die then if that's how stupid they want to be...


Vladamir Putin: "Barack Obama is either an idiot or he's purposely trying to destroy the American Economy!" Vladamir, it's called Cloward-Piven. It's scary when the Russian president is a better candidate for the US president than Obama.

LOL!  God what an absolutely narcissistic thing to say!!  Did he and his followers really think he was going to be president forever?  Oh yeah..they did.  LOLOLOL!

Another Pinner said: Goodbye Obama. America won't miss the worst president in the history of America! I pray Donald Trump wins so everything you did to destroy this country will be reversed.