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Taemin and Jinki

Taemin and Jinki

Shinee members showing Jonghyun some love xD:

Shinee members showing Jonghyun some love xD

How the SHINee members show love XD poor Jonghyun lol

Onew dumps baby Taemin

13 more K-Pop idols' LMAO stage goofs

Just proving that idols can be immatured even at their If you search up Shinee, EXO, BigBang and and others, you'll see what I'm talking about. EVERY ONE OF THEM IS CRAZY.

SHINee.  One of those rare moments where Onew is the normal looking one.  (.gif set).

What the fuck Taemin what the fuck minho what the fuck Jonghyun what the fuck Key, Oh, hey Onew :D

Taemin is the cute one for a reason, Jonghyun

XD No one is as cute as smiling as Taemin.JongHyun really looks like a dino in the second to last picture