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Antiquity Oaks -- solar oven brownies (only walnuts on half because no everyone here likes them)

Antiquity Oaks -- solar oven brownies (only walnuts on half because no everyone here likes them)

Burry a freezer in lieu of a root cellar.

Burying a Freezer

Really good idea - an upright freezer could be placed on its back.Recycle Old Freezer into Potato and Root Crop Storage-Root Cellar

Make a Solar Water Heater for Under $5 : TreeHugger

Make a Solar Water Heater for Under $5

Instructables user, TheNaib, has written a tutorial on how to create a solar thermal water heater for under five dollars. It will involve a fair amount of DIY, but nothing too complicated. designed as a fun project, but with some tweaking it could

Resultado de imagen para como hacer compostera casera

Many of you are dehydrating food in order to preserve it. In a conversation recently with the Shibaguyz, I promised to post pictures of my solar food dehydrator. I bought it about fifteen or sixtee…

Free Solar Panels

solar site - This is a book on building solar panels and where to get free/cheap parts.

There ARE other options for people that want to avoid drilling a well right away! #homestead #homesteading #offgrid

Off Grid Water Systems: Gravity Fed, Rain Barrels, Cisterns & Wells

Solar air conditioner. Yeah baby!

Off-Grid Appliances - Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Purification, air conditioners, Solar attic fan, etc. - Fescue 2 The Rescue!

solar panel : make your own

Solar Panels- Weve looked into making these before, maybe its time for me to get on him about actually doing it so we can save some money on electric! Zack science project for fifth grade?

Off-grid solar-powered air conditioner. http://www.motherearthnews.com/renewable-energy/my-off-grid-solar-powered-air-conditioner.aspx

My Off-Grid Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

"Off-grid solar-powered air conditioner. Yep, it's possible to power an A/C with photovoltaic panels." you can diy solar-power everything, Like MacGyver

DIY outdoor solar shower  -There are engineering comments on the website about the structural support for a 400lb water tank.

good for camping area.DIY Outdoor Solar Shower The water for this homemade outdoor shower is heated by the sun, saving you money and energy.

Hand Powered Kitchen Tools That Every Homestead Kitchen Needs.

There are some great hand powered kitchen tools for your homesteading kitchen. Sometimes your vintage skills are going to require vintage muscle!

The Ultimate Survival Tree That Grows on Almost Every Street in America

The Ultimate Survival Tree That Grows on Almost Every Street in America - Ask a Prepper

DIY Solar Lamp: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Sun Jars by myukili

DIY Solar Lamp: Make your own Eco-Friendly Sun Jar. This is simply a way of taking an existing solar lamp ( garden stake style) and gluing it (solar panel skyward) inside a sealable jar. Soak up sun outside in the day, use indoors at night!

Most people who collect rainwater, do so for watering their garden and crops. The thing is, rainwater collected from the roof of your home etc is perfectly drinkable if it is first filtered, to take out any toxins and bacteria etc. You don’t need a…

Homemade Water Filter: Make A DIY Water Filter

How to Build a Rotating Canned Food Shelf -- or maybe this in the way way back? But it’d probably get forgotten about back there?

How to Build a Rotating Canned Food Shelf. Storing canned food in your kitchen cabinets is an inefficient use of space and you will often find old cans in the back. This easy-to-build shelf system will solve the problem by rotating the.

Raising mealworms to replace chicken feed is easy, frugal, and can be done in any warm, dark corner of your property. Here's how to get started for pennies!

Raise Mealworms for Your Chickens To Save Money!

I don't know if I have the stomach for this but I am very concerned about GMO destroying our bodies. They are eating bugs now but winter gourmet dinners await them.