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What is Ghee and Why Should I Care?

What is Ghee and Why Should I Care? 5 reasons to love Ghee (clarified butter): Ghee stimulates the production of stomach acid, increases the absorption of other nutrients, and is very supportive for acid reflux, ulcers, and other digestive complaints.

Homemade Ghee - Having trouble finding ghee in the store? Easy steps to make your own from butter.

Paleo burger buns- uses cashews, eggs, apple cider vinegar, butter or ghee, almond milk, coconut flour, almond flour, salt, baking soda. Highly rated recipe!

Ghee is held in very high esteem in Ayurveda. It has a very special effect on the body - the capacity to specifically kindle Agni or increase the digestive fire whilst simultaneously being cooling. Ayurveda teaches that it not only increases our capacity to digest food but also our capacity to absorb and assimilate it.

Kitchari, the Ayurvedic Cleansing Food -Eat kitchari throughout the day, as desired -Eat at least 3 meals per day -Allowing at least 3 hours between meals -You can garnish your kitchari with Fresh Coriander Chutney or Sesame Seed Chutney -Try not to eat after 7pm -Drink plenty of of room temperature, warm, or hot fluids each day to ensure adequate hydration and to help flush toxins as they are released

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