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lol i totally do this every time i have to spell beautiful :D B-E-A-Utiful

I taught Khiya how to spell it. like Jim taught me! B-E-A-U-TI-FUL :)

18 things that dont make any sense

I especially don't like the dentist one. Sometimes my teeth cleaning takes 2 times the time it should because she stops to hear my answer, and then I have to talk with a bunch of paste stuff in my mouth.

All of these have crossed our minds once in our lives...


Well if people were smart, they would know that W is called double u because in latin, v is u. So two "V"s together is two "U"s which is why its called double u. Idiots Same with "fun size". I feel like this is offensive to short people.

pineapple express. my favorite movie

I love James Franco in Pineapple Express so much.I gotta get high and watch this movie again.

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