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When Lowriders Come To LA Traffic Stops And Everyone Stares - http://vixert.com/lowriders-come-la-traffic-stops-everyone-stares/

Held at Elysian Park in Los Angeles, check out these badass lowriders at the Together Car Club.

doyoulikevintage:  Nash Rambler  I went across the country in the back seat of one just like this in 1961.

The Nash Rambler is a NA automobile produced by Nash Motors division of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation from On May Nash-Kelvinator merged w the Hudson Motor Car Company to form American Motors Corporation (AMC). The Nash Rambler was then

'59 Impala

1959 Chevy Impala - mine was black with a red interior! was the year for cars. You can't beat this Impala, or the Bonneville, and others made in that year!

1957 Chevy Nomad. My Daddy's is blush pink. I have many wonderful memories with my family in this car, including my wedding!

1957 Chevy Nomad, my dad had a black one as the family car

Monte Carlo

The 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was introduced in the second generation and wasn’t a hardtop anymore, but rather a pillared coupe with frameless door glass and rear side opera windows. It is a Chevrolet passenger.

Badass 59 chevy

Candy purple Impala Lowrider Low Storage Rates and Great Move-In Specials!

El camino. Man, I can't wait until my baby is as pretty as this one!

El camino. Man, I can't wait until my baby is as pretty as this one!