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maid-en-china: “ In this Field of dreams Gazing at the infinite possibilities The future twinkles With dazzlingly wonders Full Version on dA ”

illusion anime art - Tìm với Google

Reminds me of some of the dreams I've had as a child- Ice Anime girl Illustration Scenic art water

Well there are some out there. Maybe not that long, but decent anyway. -.

Guys with long hair in real life look EW! Sorry but it's my opinion. And sometimes in Anime guys with long hair are Otay. I mean I'm not crazy in love with guys/long hair. It's not my type.

Replacement for the Stars by on @DeviantArt

happy biiiiiirthday This was drawn for him and I'm glad that I finished it on time. I'm so busy lately, so yeah *dies* At first I planned to paint something diff.

Frey's Amazing Electric Violin

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「Between Infinity」/「Yuu」のイラスト [pixiv]

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