Le Bon Marché Paris
Chloe window display. Love the cubes wrapped in coloured yarn or string. #yarn #retail #merchandising #windowdisplay
SFD picks Retail Design Expo 2015 for inspiration - Retail Design World
stepstyles - shop window decoration in London A/W 2012/13 - www.stepstyles.com
Back-to-school window display? Possibly with blocks like these but with clothes pinned to them or backpacks?
Moncler. Paper waves and ring.  Red, white and blue.
I love artistic window displays, I saw some really nice ones in Spain.  Rodeo Drive had a cool one too of a gal on a motorcycle- it was the helmet that had me drawn, it was futuristic.
1920's department store window display (detail)  BUCKLEY & NUNN AUSTRALIA "Short skirts not only allowed for daring window displays -they created fierce competition in the stocking market." from Parade The Story of Fashion in Australia by Alexandra Joel (