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I loved this version, not Bayt....5 Stars****!!!!!

Ang Lee's "Hulk" on Blu-Ray! Ang Lee's 2003 film stars Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher who transforms into a raging green monster when he get angry. Bonuses: commentary, deleted scenes, featurette, U-Control.

The Muppets - Most Wanted

The Muppets are back -- and they're not alone -- in the new 'Muppets poster. Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey herself make up the non-Muppet cast.

The Muppets' Wizard of Oz (2005)

Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the Muppets put an all-new spin on the classic tale loved by millions the world over. The Muppets Wizard of Oz, 2005 DVD

It's time for saying goodbye Dont want to leave, but we both know Sometimes it's better to go Somehow I know we'll meet again Not sure quite where, and I dont know just when You're in my heart, so until then Wanna smile, wanna cry Saying goodbye Saying Goodbye- Muppets Take Manhattan (+playlist)

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Miss Piggy and Kristin Chenoweth

The Muppets "The Ex-Factor" - guest starring Kristin Chenoweth - Kermit is scrambling to find the perfect birthday gift for Denise, so he turns to Miss .

Big Day for Kids and Film Fans at the RiverRun International Film Festival

The Muppet Movie is the first of a series of live-action musical feature films starring the.

The Muppets Take Manhattan 【 FuII • Movie • Streaming

The Muppets Take Manhattan 【 FuII • Movie • Streaming

The Muppets

Scott, the host of the show, is a longtime fan of the Muppets and Jim Henson. We've had an entire episode dedicated to the Muppets. There has also been a tribute to Jim and an Extra interview with Julianna Donald of The Muppets Take Manhattan.

As a puppeteer, this man was a genius.

Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog (from Sesame Street News).The Muppets are awesome.

Muppet Show

The Muppet Show

t's time to play the music / It's time to light the lights / t's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.

Can this Wocka Wocka Muppets Value Pack be Yours? {Sweeps} - Ends 4/14

Can this Wocka Wocka Muppets Value Pack be Yours? {Sweeps} - Ends

Jim Henson, always was and always will be my favorite celebrity Atheist.

Kermit and Jim about to put their hands in cement outside the Great Movie Ride in Disney’s Hollywood studios! (Not a direct link, but a fun Muppet fan site anyways!

The Muppets’ beloved boomerang-fish-thrower, Lew Zealand, has appeared in all eight Muppet movies, and had a speaking role in all but Muppet Treasure Island.

11 Mind-Blowing Muppet Facts

These muppet facts are the most sensational, celebrational, muppetational pearls of wisdom you'll hear all day.