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COCO - A1056504 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 11/22/15 *** SECOND CHANCE FOR COCO- PLEASE MAKE IT COUNT!!! COCO IS AN ELEGANT LADY WITH A WONDERFUL PURRSONALITY!! A staff member writes: Coco is as chic as her namesake, Coco Chanel. She is a beautiful brown tabby who loves to play with balls, wand toys, and stuffed toys. All she wants is a new playmate. Come meet this pretty, fun girl today!….ONE AND A HALF YEARS OLD AND AVERAGE RATED!! COCO IS WAITING FOR YOU TO

SAFE - 11/23/15 - TIGER - #A1057510 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 11/22/15*** TIGER was surrendered, along with little mates, MITTENS and MIDNIGHT (both not listed),because of the old ALLERGIES excuse! The previous owner had TIGER from 6 months of age,yet only NOW cites allergies! TIGER is NEUTERED and at just 1 and a half years old,this guy is sure behaving perfectly in the shelter!

SAFE - 11/23/15 - RON WEASLY - #A1036821 - Super Urgent Manhattan - **RETURNED 11/22/15** - NEUTERED MALE TAN & WHITE GLEN OF IMAAL MIX, 2 Yrs 6 Mos - RETURN - AVAILABLE, HOLD RELEASED Reason MOVE2PRIVA - Intake 11/22/15 Due Out 11/22/15 - NERVOUS AND FEARFUL


SAFE - 11/22/15 - CASSIUS - #A1058296 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 11/22/15*** CASSIUS has been abandoned! It doesn’t say that,but to leave a 10 year old,DIABETIC cat that has lived with them the past 9 years,in a HIGH KILL SHELTER is straight out ABANDONED! Poor CASSIUS isn’t showing his sadness though, because HES charming the assessor and earned a BEGINNER rating

SAFE - 11/11/15 - EMMY - #A1056371 - - Manhattan **TO BE DESTROYED 11/10/15** BEGINNER-rated EMMY is a trusting young mama who has shown stellar behavior since coming to the ACC, even though she must be concerned about the safety of her little family. Yes, she came into the ACC system with her babies, Peyton and Cecil, the whole crew carried in after hanging out in the finders’ home for a week.

SAFE - 11/25/15 - PEPSI - #A1057325 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 11/25/15***PEPSI is a 1 and a half year old who came into the ACC as a STRAY. Scared at first but quick to warm up to the assessor and tolerates all petting and was easy to handle.

PULLED BY HEAVEN CAN WAIT RESCUE - 11/2415 - // TO BE DESTROYED - 11/22/15 - BELLA REES - #A1057815 - Urgent Manhattan - FEMALE TAN/WHITE PIT BULL MIX, 1 Yr 6 Mos - OWNER SUR - EVALUATE, NO HOLD Reason CHILDCONFL - Intake 11/13/15 Due Out 11/16/15 - CAME IN WITH MIA #A1057816 - TIMID AT TIMES BUT FRIENDLY

PULLED BY HEAVEN CAN WAIT RESCUE NY - 11/19/15 - TO BE DESTROYED - 11/17/15 - HULK - #A1057695 - Urgent Manhattan - MALE BLACK & BROWN MIN PINSCHER/CHIHUAHUA SH, 4 Yrs - STRAY - ONHOLDHERE, HOLD FOR ID Intake 11/12/15 Due Out 11/15/15 - NERVOUS

11/18♥♡BEAUTIFUL GIRL OVERLOOKED SINCE 9/14 7/31/15♥♥♥♥♥♥♥6/22/15 ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE GIRL♥♥♥♥♥ Hello, my name is Coco. I had a FAMILY for years but then my owners had a BABY so they got rid of me. I am a GOOD girl, I dont ask for much, just another chance to be part of a real family this time, I dont want to be dumped again. Please come by to meet me, thank you much. 09/06/14 sl ~Coco ~Shepherd & Cattle Dog Mix • Senior • Female • Medium Georgetown Animal Outreach Georgetown, TX