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12 Days of Fitness Merry Medicine Ball Workout sculpts sexy muscles while burning major calories!
12 Days of Fitness Day 5 Swiss Ball Workout - Adding a Swiss ball in your workouts adds extra core toning to your strength training. Creating an unstable surface (or having to balance with the exercise ball) forces you to contract your ab muscles the whole time and amps up the calorie burn! This workout will sculpt your body from head-to-toe so let’s get to it!
This Bounce Back Fat Blasting HIIT Workout will rev your metabolism, sculpt all your major muscle groups, and turn on your fat burning potential! This workout will leave you with a post-workout high that will  motivate you to get back at it the next day.
Is it just me or does it seem like no one is really impartial to Valentine’s Day. People either seem to love it or hate it. Whether I’m single or in a relationship, I love any excuse to…
This circuit workout sculpts your muscles from head-to-toe. Grab a resistance band and give it all you’ve got!
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Life in Spandex Summer Shape Up Workout Series Barre Arms #workoutwednesday
Crazy Core Medicine Ball Circuit Workout || Lushious Lifts
This 8-minute total-body burner is from the Strongest SELF Ever challenge. This workout is all about better posture and stronger arms. In the routine, you'll focus on shoulder mobility—that is, pushing your shoulders back, opening up your chest, and engaging your upper back muscles.