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Another awesome dog breed. The intelligent Canaan Dog

Another awesome dog breed. The intelligent Canaan Dog this is sort of like the dog we found at the humane society

Canaan Dog Hypoallergenic: No Temperament: Vigilant, Devoted, Alert, Cautious, Quick, Intelligent Life span: 12-15 yrs Weight:  35–55 lbs. Medium sized. Height: Male 19–24 in Female 18–20 in Behaves w/ other household pets but tends to be scrappy towards strangers. A natural guardian, it may bark a lot and is protective of family. Performs tasks obediently, always willing to please. Constant need of physical/mental exercise.Does not normally suffer from any major or minor health problems.

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(11+) Dogs that Look Like Wolves

Meet the Tamaskan Dog. NOT to be confused with a Wolf, this FULLY DOMESTICATED dog BREED is genetically no closer related to the wolf than your average labrador retriever! This (rare) breed is a type of sled dog & is categorized in the "Working Group".

Canaan Dog, the perfect pup for me someday!

Canaan Dog - either predominantly white with mask (with or w/out color patches) or solid colored with white trim.