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Musella lasiocarpa ou lotus d'or: description, soins & multiplication.

Grow the Musella Lasiocarpa - hardy Chinese banana plant here in the UK!

https://jungletropicale.com/2015/02/alocasia-odora/    #jardinage

Alocasia odora

Alocasia odora - My Jungle Garden

Hardy Snow Banana 4 Seeds - Ensete glaucum

Hardy Snow Banana 4 Seeds - Ensete glaucum

Ensete glaucum (Musa glauca) Snow Banana is an edible fruit grown mainly in Nepal, India, Burma and Thailand

Best Indoor Palm Trees | ... indoor plants suitable for beginners or for people who have little

In feng shui plants play an important role. Plants bring a life force into your home. Use the correct plants for changing the chi or energy and watch your mood change.

http://jungletropicale.com/2012/09/dicksonia-fibrosa/    #jardinage     Cliquer l'image pour lire l'article.

Dicksonia fibrosa