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We become so accustomed to the way things work, that we stop thinking outside the box. What if we told you that your old ladder can be a bookshelf, or you can use car's spoiler as a picnic table?

Pee on the title to show dominance

Pee on the title to show dominance

Bitch might be taking the car, but the judge didn't say anything about the engine.

Lógica prova que o chocolate é uma SALADA

Thank god I can read Spanish otherwise this would've been way more confusing 😂😂😂

Ja, nice! Das spart ja mal wirklich Zeit wenn der große Hunger kommt.

Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

See, playing Tetris as kid does come in handy as an adult! Here's another life hack: Use a Phone Lasso to protect you from breaking, losing, or damaging your smartphone.