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I just reuse old jokes anyways, because new friends mean socializing *shudders in disgust*

i m capable of creating new jokes but not of renewing my old friends. juz because they know all my secrets.

OMG SO TRUE!!! And then I put my sweetest voice on and I ask them to MOVE AWAY !!!!

oh so annoying. why ask us to copy something then stand directly in front of it? like while your at it teach in another language!

Totally need to use this

Teenager Post - Me a nerd? Haha no. I'm just making sure I don't end up working at McDonalds with you in the future.

Just Myself January,  Forever Alone February,  Miss Me March,  I could get used to this :D


Just me January. Me, myself and I March. Alone April. Man free May. Just me june. Just chilling alone July. Only me October. No man November. Don't date December. Me for the rest of the year.

don't worry, they probably did fail. Nobody finishes a test that fast. And teachers know.---actually we can finish that fast