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Ekaterina Gordeeva - My Sergei A Love Story. For anyone who loves figure skating and loved this beautiful pairs couple. It is a must read. Published 1996

To say thank you to all my lovely readers and to celebrate my Birthday next Saturday - this week I am offering The Big Book of Craft Interviews on a 'pay what you want offer'. You can download the book for free or change the figure in the box to name your price. Enjoy! http://art-of-crafts.net/the-big-book-of-craft-interviews-volume-1/

Squibnocket Cards: "The delicate balance of Good vs. Evil has been seriously thrown off as you, yet again, have given more than your contractually obligated 110 percent. Soon articles will be written. Speaking engagements will be booked. Action figures will be cast. You may even end up on the cover of 'Cigar Afocionado,' modeling success, laughing big with an unpracticed stogie in hand. Which, come to think, will look lovely framed next to your aged 'Arby's Employee of the Month' plaque."

Wrong in so many ways...but every parent can relate! I think this is one of my new favorites!!! Go The Fuck To Sleep - Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. LOVE him!!!

Appreciation giveaway! Head on over to my Twitter page (Novel_Knight) to win these 2 books! (separate giveaways)! My family really isn't into Thanksgiving as anything more than a reason to make a big meal and feast for days after. But even though we don't do much I wanted to show my thanks to those who have meaning in my life. My family. My friends. And y'all in the book community. You make up a huge part of my life and I wanted to show my love with two books that I adored. SIMON VS. THE…

4 x Cartoon Anime Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Figures Plaything Display Models Gifts Toys – Big Size TCT-296760 http://www.tinydeal.com/ru/4-x-cartoon-anime-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-theme-figures-p-125197.html Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - it's really cool! It was so-so represents a real superheroes, who have gone from the pages of comic books and many cartoons to again show their skills of martial arts in exciting flash games. As al

The second book in Leo Maxwell series, I am so glad I found this author I loved Bear is Broken, this book had me so confused but in a good way, I could not figure it out which frustrates me because I usually can, to be honest I still am not sure what the heck happened at the end, except for Teddy, and to me that means its a great read. Lori

It's official! Rev. DJ CherishTheLuv can now officiate weddings of ALL COLORS AND KINDS SHAPES AND SIZES in NYC not just DJ them! I have signed "the big book downtown!" The next step is to build the Music Heals church... And we think we have found the spot in the East Village... If we can figure out how to pay the lease the RevLuv is opening her doors for weddings sermons on healings fear-busting celebrations and more Creative healing spirituality and freedom...always moving forward No…

The Pigman - a book chosen for you by your partner. My boyfriend is NOT a big reader and therefore didn't have a huge selection of books to choose from but said he read this in high school and LOVED it and I never got around to reading any Zindel so figured I'd give it a try :)

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