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Seriously Hoseok is on of my Bias wrecker like seriously why are so cut J-Hope , My Hope, ARMYs hope

Maknae Line Fanart | ♡

Maknae Line Fanart | ♡

"Kita sampe sini aja ya." "Maksud lo putus?" "Bukan. Ini kita udh d… #fiksipenggemar # Fiksi penggemar # amreading # books # wattpad

Najis 2🌸kth

Jikook is so beautiful~ and woah there with the high tech sexy time positions. We don't (really do) need to know what you guys do in the bedroom.

park jimin) I'm jimin. I sing. I'm a bean. Let me live, okay? Sophomore. Single. Bisexual and I'm QUITE the hoe. I'm in a group called bts.

So beautifully stunning <<< my heart can't take this he's too gorgeous ❤️ Jimin

Bts Suga, Bts Bangtan Boy, Swag, Rap Monster, Namjoon, Wallpapers, Celebrities, Life, 1

His smile makes me feel soo happy ❤️

I hope you everything good in life. I want you to be happy forever. I know there will those off days that you might feel unhappy, stressed.

4th Muster Happy Ever After #BTS

4th Muster Happy Ever After #BTS

Has my soul been broken in a billon pieces yet? Check.

Me and a friend were watching TV and she goes "cool shades bruh" and then I showed her my pintrest feed xD

So handsome #bts #jin #seokjin

Only Jin can look like a prince while popping bubbles


idea of heaven. I crave major world cities as much as I crave my beautiful boys.

Jimin needs to open a class to teach "how to be sexy in everything we do" soon srly

Jimin is even sexy drinking water. Like is there anything these boys can't do without looking sexy?

Correo: iara alessandra - Outlook

pls stop being a five year old sir u cute tho ig this is better than dirty jimin