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Cycling advocates push Metro to spend millions on bike projects

The Oregoninan 7-12-2010 by Nick Christensen "Cycling Advocates Push Metro To Spend Millions On Bike Projects" This is about the Regional Flexible Funds from the feds. Bike advocates pressure Metro to spend on Bikes.

Picture_3.png Portland Mercury: "Here's the Story of Portland Budget: Bike Projects Aren't Stealing Money from Cars" by Sarah Mirk 5-17-2011 WIth spending charts.

"The Big Bike Bailout" Willamette Week by Aaron Mesh 8-14-2013 The City of Portland May Spend 4.6 million dollars to Bail Out Bike Share. When it was proposed in 2011 there was a condition set by Portland City Council. No city funds would be sunk into it. Now that the bike share only extends as east as NE 22nd - no further. The private vendor Alta Bike Share claims it could expand if it had 4.6 million more...

Willamette Week 4-2-3010 by Nigel Jaquiss - Earl Blumenauer On CRC, Bikes and Saving Social Security, Senator Earl Blumenauer speaks on the City of Portland's plan to spend 600 million in the next 20 years on bicycles.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams boosts funding for bike projects, but now there's less for paving streets

GS.31BIKE117.jpg The Oregonian 5-17-2011 By Joseph Rose "Portland Mayor Sam Adams Boosts Funding For Bike Projects, But Now There's Less For Paving Streets" Funding would boost from 4% to 17% of the budget which is 2.8 million.

TriMet building bike and ride facilities at Beaverton, Gresham transit centers

beavertonbikeandride.jpg The Oregonian 3-8-2011 by Joseph Rose "TriMet Building Bike And Ride Facilities At Beaverton Gresham Transit Centers" About bike lockers

Bicycle Plan for 2030 | The City of Portland, Oregon City of Portland (OR) Bicycle Plan for 2030 The recommended Bikeway network

Bicyclists urge motorists across the double yellow line on curvy hilly road. Dangerous.

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Portland, Oregon saw Grimm stars David Giuntoli and Sasha Roiz take part in Naked Bike Day